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        Orphan Care


There are more than a hundred million children worldwide, who have lost one or both parents because of war, disease or poverty. Our charitable organization dedicated to meet the needs of orphaned children in developing countries around the world. The mission of Elizabeth Tudor Foundation is to help these wounded kids find their place in the circle of life. This program was created to provide funds for food, clothing, education and medicine of vulnerable orphans living in various poverty-stricken countries.

        Hungry Children


There are hungry children in all communities around the world. It is important for children to receive the right nutrition in the developmental years, because the harm could not be recovered in later life. The mission of our charity organization is to feed hungry children through a nationwide network, cooperation and communication with our food banks and International humanitarian organizations.

        Maternal & Newborn Health


The maternal and newborn health is an important part of the healthy generation. The mission of our organization is to provide appropriate assistance for the improvement of reproductive, maternal and newborn health in the developing world. We work to ensure that the pregnancy and childbirth are safe for mothers and babies, and both have access to the care they need. The investment in this improvement has extensive returns not only for families, but also for society, economy and environment.

      Aging Population


The Elizabeth Tudor Foundation is emphasizing efforts to improve four areas: cancer prevention, diabetes management, smoking cessation, and elderly obesity. The Foundation invests in programs that support the behavioral health and benefit people through the treatments and healthy lifestyle changes. The goal of this program is to promote healthy behaviors and meet healthcare needs of an aging population in developing countries around the world.